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ItaaliandiAmo concept is to let you experience the most authentic Italy and share this experience with a group of fellow Italian lovers.


That’s why our focus is always on ‘we’, the first-person plural of a pronoun which refers to a group made of individuals.



Food plays a very important, even crucial, part in the Italian culture and lifestyle; Italians are usually either talking about food, preparing food or sharing food with family and friends.

No Italian day, let alone any get-together, can be planned or imagined without food.

If you want to have a true taste of the country, its culture and language and you are passionate about Italy and its cuisine then this is the journey for you!

Side by side with Anna you will learn or improve your Italian while enjoying great food and its ancient family traditions.



Doesn’t it sound perfect?
Then, ItaaliandiAmo!



Let’s eat in 2018 (Pistoia, Tuscany).



A book, a group of bookworms, a town and a week to explore it: here is the recipe of ItaaliaLeggiamo to improve your Italian while experiencing a unique journey. “Walking in Pistoia is like stepping in a History book”, said one of our students: Anna is happy to invite you for just such a walk. Pistoia in Giallo, a collection of mystery short stories by local writers, will lead us through our hosting town. A new short story and a new discovery each day for a whole week of reading while exploring Pistoia and its surroundings, improving your Italian and enjoying ‘la dolce vita!’.



Doesn’t it sound perfect?

Then, ItaaliandiAmo!


Let’s read in 2018 (Pistoia, Tuscany)



Discovering a new place is always a wonderful journey, that’s why every year ItaaliandiAmo suggests a new location to explore together. If you join this proposal you will work with Anna and your fellow students to live and share an amazing experience. In other words, you will do something for the group and with the group.

In 2018 we will discover together Palermo, its art beauties, its unique markets and lively streets, its delicious traditional food and the great people who call it ‘home’.

Palermo, living proof of the historical melting pot of the Island and 2018 Italian Capital of Culture, is a true treasure chest, shall we?


Discover it together?

Then, ItaaliandiAmo!


Let’s discover in 2018 (Palermo, Sicily)



Full immersion

“In the morning theory and in the afternoon conversation. That’s the way you dive into Italian. I think that’s the way to really practice a language in everyday life, as it’s all about to daring to speak it out. Beside that you also enjoy the delicious Italian food. It ticks all the boxes. Highly recommended!”

- C. Koning



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